Cookies at Fodesco Ltd’s website

Fodesco Ltd. uses session-specific and permanent cookies on its website.

Session-specific cookies help make the web site useful by enabling basic functionality such as page switching, sign-in, web applications, and shopping cart. The website does not work properly without these cookies.

Permanent cookies will check whether the visitor returns to the site or will he visit the site for the first time.

Session-specific cookies will be deleted from your computer after closing your browser. Permanent cookies will remain effective for multiple site visits.

External Cookies / Leadfeeder:
Leadfeeder is an analysis tool and it uses website cookies. Cookies are used to collect information about which company or person has visited the website and which pages they have visited.

Fodesco Ltd. does not collect any other data by using cookies.

If you want to prevent cookies from being used, you can either set a full ban on your privacy or security settings in your web browser, or set your browser to ask for your approval every time the site attempts to send you a cookie. You can also set permissions for “session-specific cookies only” through your web browser settings. In addition, you can also delete existing cookies. For more information, see the online manual of your web browser. Users who do not accept the use of cookies can not access part of Fodesco's website functions such as a shopping cart or sign-in.

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